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A Guide To Sex After Marriage

There have been endless comments on why sex decreases or different after marriage. In most cases men are more affected because it is obvious that men want more sex after marriage.

What Do Men Want In Bed

Do you want to know how to satisfy your man by turning him on with some unexpected strokes, pressures and temperature changes? To find out how you can enrich his sexual experience by treating him to some of the most electrifying sensations read on.

Are You a Victim of Premature Orgasms?

Premature orgasms affect 40% of all men. That’s over a billion sexually active men who will experience premature orgasms at least once in their lives. For a lot of these men, this is a constant problem which happens nearly every time which they engage in sexual intercourse. Part of the problem is the fact that our bodies are https://www.pornjk.com/tags/xxx/ to treat sex as a means for reproduction, so naturally it works to make this process as efficient and quick as possible. This is why you have to step in and take control of the situation, so here are 5 tips designed to give you control over your premature orgasms.

Erection Health – Healthy, Harder Erections For Men

Erection health becomes more and more important as a man ages and testosterone levels decline each year that passes. Ensuring that optimal erections are maintained, are hard enough and are frequent enough can improve a man’s satisfaction and love-making abilities to a satisfactory level.

How To Fan His Flame Of Passion

It is estimated that among couples facing libido troubles, about 30-40% of them is due to men’s decreasing sex drive. There are as many reasons for a man not to feel in the mood as there are for a woman.

Female Orgasm – How To Make A Woman Orgasm In 7 Steps

Female orgasm remains a mystery to many people to this very day. Each and every woman’s desires and what brings her to orgasm are unique and individual. Some women prefer vigorous and intense sex, while others enjoy slower and more sensual lovemaking.

Relationship Wisdom – Is Reading In Bed Bad For Your Sex Life?

A colleague of mine recently asked me to write an article in answer to her question ‘Is reading in bed bad for your sex life?’. Because I like to think about all things relationship, here are some thoughts that might help you find out about the effect of your reading in bed.